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  • Corporate Video Production Services Greensboro, NC

    K2 collaborated with East Coast Wings + Grill to produce an informative sales video for prospective franchisees. East Coast Wings + Grill is a North Carolina based wings franchise expanding into the south East. They provide a unique family favored dining experience with a variety of menu items including their famous buffalo wings.

  • Story Ads Production Services

    If you are one of the 3.5 billion social media users, you’ve probably seen stories. Stories provide a unique opportunity to show your followers your real-life moments in a relatable format. Stories are used by businesses to show the human side of their brand, share their brand’s story, highlight products or share consecutive posts on…

  • Corporate Video Production Raleigh, NC

    K2 Productions collaborated with Seed Communications recently to film Cisco’s “Wake Up the World” campaign in Raleigh, NC. Instead of focusing on products, such as […]

  • Home Makeover Video Production

    K2 collaborated with VIPKid on a home makeover video production to help film the surprise for Teacher Laura in the very first episode of Classroom Makeover and transformed her at-home teaching space to one where she is comfortable and feels like she can truly be the best educator for her students on the other side…

  • Winston-Salem NC Video Production

    Sometimes K2 Productions’ work involves a lot of filming and live production, and sometimes the creation is almost entirely post production. This was the case […]

  • Video Production in Raleigh

    Talk about a teen phenom! K2 Productions worked with AOL to film part of its “You’ve Got…” series in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our Production House […]

  • Video Production House Raleigh, NC

    Whole Foods Market wanted everyone to know that they’re “not just a health foods hippie store,” to quote one of its employees. Whole Foods hired […]