Lifestyle Photography

Feature your products, services, and brands utilizing Lifestyle Photography and Video to genuinely connect viewers with a personal touch. K2 Productions’ talented Photographers capture real-life experiences of people using products and services. Customer confidence grows when they are able to see themselves through ads showcasing real people. Lifestyle Product Photography is essential as 75% of consumers make a purchasing decision based on the product photos and videos. There is also a 40% higher probability that your product will be shared on social media if it contains imagery. Nothing is better at attracting new patrons to your business or strengthening your positive brand image among existing customers.

Our Lifestyle Photography & Video are a driving force in eCommerce, CPG, Social, and Sales platforms. Top brands trust K2 with their products because we showcase them in a real & tangible way so consumers can experience the quality, value and craftsmanship that reflects their product. We create all formats of Lifestyle videos and photos for retail, food, beverage, tech, electronics, health, beauty, cleaning, medical, automotive, safety, home, kitchen, furniture, and everything in between. K2’s outstanding Photo & Video Production support services provide crew and gear from pre- to post-production including Creative, Producer, Director, Photography, DP, Studios, Aerial and all other essentials for a successful production.

Explore our Lifestyle Photo Portfolio and feel free to contact us for details. We look forward to collaborating with you on your production!