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K2 Productions had a BALL filming with Stephen Curry for GQ’s digital article. Can the NBA MVP’s sharpshooting old man still take him on the court?

Not just anyone can become an NBA superstar. You have to be born with genes that give you the athleticism and ability to develop the skills necessary to become great. And then, of course, you need the right person to develop and hone that raw ability. Only then can you reap basketball’s bounty. Well, when your dad is sixteen-season NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry—as is the case with Golden State Warriors’ guard and human highlight reel Steph Curry—you’ve got the DNA and the coach you need.

Even so, Steph never had it easy. Undersized and underrated in high school, he accepted a scholarship to tiny, unknown Davidson college. Steph made his name—and the school’s—known with a deep NCAA tournament run in 2009, after which he was selected in the NBA draft. Six seasons in, Steph Curry is the NBA’s reigning MVP on its reigning championship team. Beyond that, he’s having one of those rare, transcendent moments where an athlete is so in tune with their game that they’re must-watch TV; to not watch him play is to willfully miss a few-times-in-a-lifetime sports moment. Which might be why his Warriors have not yet lost a game this season. (They are 12-0; 15-0 is the greatest start in NBA history.)

So it only made sense to name Steph Curry a 2015 GQ Man of the Year. In this GQ exclusive, Steph and dad Dell head back to a playground court in Charlotte to play the greatest father-son playground game you can play: H-O-R-S-E. As a dad, that game is really fun when your son’s a youngster, but becomes more and more scary as he grows up and a frightening possibility becomes a humbling reality: He’s better—much better—at basketball than you are. Of course, that realization may sting a little bit less when your son just so happens to be the best basketball player on the planet.

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