Food Photography

K2 Productions is a top Food Photography & Video Production Company comprised of creative artisans with over 20 years experience. We have created delicious photos and videos highlighting the look, taste, and quality of some of the top food and beverage brands. We love making viewers’ mouths water as we connect them to their favorite food, drink, and fun. We produce Food Photography and Video for agencies, restaurants, bars, breweries, grocery, and specialty food stores. We also create engaging and informative training, franchise, marketing, and explainer videos for a variety of food service industries.

Our Studio offers a fully functioning Kitchen loaded with everything needed for fantastic food photography and video productions. The kitchen is easy to transform into any setting and style needed. It’s the perfect place to film delicious dishes. K2’s team is focused on all the details, lighting, angles, propping, prepping, styling, and shooting to create stand out content for today’s food obsessed audience. K2’s outstanding Photo & Video Production support services provide crew and gear from pre- to post-production including Creative, Producer, Director, Photography, DP, Food Stylist and all other essentials for a successful production. Explore our Food Photography Portfolio and feel free to contact us for details. We look forward to collaborating with you on your production!