Aerial Photography

K2 Production’s aerial photography and videography services deliver dynamic aerial images that enhance any production. Engage your audience with stunning footage from majestic landscapes and skylines to fast-paced action shots. We provide multiple aerial options, from Aircraft to Drones allowing limitless possibilities for Marketing, Print, Ads, Aviation, Real Estate, Property, Construction, and Research productions. Let your imagination fly while keeping your budget realistic using K2’s diverse Drone fleet and skilled FAA-certified Pilots. Our ever-evolving Drone technology and techniques offer an array of cinematic shoots that can only be filmed in the air.

K2 also specializes in Aviation & Aerospace photography and video production services. For 20 years, we have produced amazing Air to Air, Aircraft, Cockpit & Interior photography and video. We collaborate with the best pilots and use innovative aircrafts that are fitted with gyro-stabilizer systems. Our Producers and Directors have incredible insight and understand the creative content required by the Aviation & Aerospace Industry.

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