Corporate Video Production Raleigh, NC

K2 Productions collaborated with Seed Communications recently to film Cisco’s “Wake Up the World” campaign in Raleigh, NC. Instead of focusing on products, such as next-gen fiber, modular switches, servers, routers, and optical networking, they wanted to focus on the results of what their employees do every day…why it all matters.

Cisco has several locations worldwide and wanted to capture a piece of their different campuses in this production. We shot the footage from their RTP campus and the group who worked with us in Raleigh went on to film in two other locations: Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Bangalore, India.

We set up a 5×5 sheet of Plexiglas® and a bunch of words. The concept was for employees — sometimes one and sometimes a group — to answer the question, “What happens when we connect the world and wake it up?”

We shot with a Canon C300 and a long lens, which allowed for a compressed, shallow depth of field. We sort of filmed this shoot in a box for several reasons: one, we wanted to avoid any reflection of our camera, crew, and gear on this Plexiglas® sheet. And second, being slightly hidden allowed for those on camera to feel more relaxed. In the end, it was a more intimate connection with the participants. They knew we were there, but they couldn’t see us. So we were able to capture more genuine interaction.

This setup allowed us to capture great responses such as, “Connect = Power,” “…a new world without obstacles,” and “I want to fuel astonishing change for the world.” That was powerful…to be able to capture these great ideas from great thinkers and tie their whole campaign together. And that’s why we do what we do.

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