Story Ads Production Services

If you are one of the 3.5 billion social media users, you know the value of Story Ads. Stories provide a unique opportunity to show your followers real-life moments in a relatable format. Stories are used by businesses to show the human side of their brand, share their brand’s story, highlight products or share consecutive posts on a story.

Hundreds of millions of eyes are on stories so Story Ads are becoming an essential way to interact with your customers and get your branded content out there. Creating visually engaging ads allow businesses to get their content in front of the consumer quickly and efficiently. The power of your story relies most on the strength of your content. Ads tell a story that captures the consumers attention without making them feel like they’re watching an advertisement.

Invest in creativity & engaging content creation when creating Story Ads. Although most may look simply created, the production value behind them is much higher.

The power of Web & Social Media Video is astounding! It’s the fastest way to share information around the World. More than 90% of Internet traffic consists of video content. Videos have proven to boost web traffic by 75%, and studies show that Internet users find videos more engaging and informative than reading text.

K2 loves producing Story Ads that entertain, informs, and connects viewers. Collaborate with K2 on your next Story Ad.