Category: VIrtual Events

  • Live & Prerecorded Webcasting Virtual Events With K2 Production

    Virtual events have grown in popularity over the past several years and especially now during the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual events allow presenters and attendees to prepare, present and view events remotely. There are many benefits to holding your event virtually compared to a live event.

  • Virtual Event Video Production

    We love events! They are what we do to bring people together. Corporate events are how companies bring together all the people that make their company successful to implement training, build relationships and celebrate achievements. Marketing events are how we bring future clients together with needed products and services. Seminars and Trainings are ways for…

  • Hope Through Digital Content

    We know you’ve been trying to manage the impact of the coronavirus on your business. Though this is a challenging time, together we can work through this. This past week has been difficult with cancellations and large production work suddenly being put on pause. But even in times of uncertainty, there are many reasons to…