Live & Prerecorded Webcasting Virtual Events With K2 Production

Virtual events have grown in popularity over the past several years and especially now during the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual events allow presenters and attendees to prepare, present and view events remotely. There are many benefits to holding your event virtually compared to a live event. Some of these benefits include reaching a larger audience, saving the cost of venues, catering and lodging, more flexibility for attendees with on-demand videos, and the ability to collect more feedback on the event. Some types of events that can transition over to virtual events include interviews and Q&A’s, TEDx style talks, town hall meetings, virtual presentations, and conference speakers.

Webcasts produced by K2 are one popular way to host a virtual event online. They differ from online meetings because they are generally pre-planned presentations where the speakers have carefully thought out their content in advance. They are able to present this content to an unlimited number of attendees. The more engaging your webcast, the more effective it will be, whether you are presenting to the public or to members of your own organization. Webcasts are a great way to get your “live” information out to many people. Since webcasts are so thought out in advance, portions of the webcast can be pre-recorded and the entire webcast can be available on-demand after the fact.

Live streaming or pre-recorded video may be a good option to safely get your event content virtually out to your customers or employees. Whether you are having an external virtual event or need to create internal virtual communications, K2 is here to stream or record your event at your location or in our studio.

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K2 Productions’ Events division offers an array of upscale live event production services, including corporate, webcasts, sports, entertainment, festivals, event marketing, fundraisers, weddings, and more. Our Event division offers many other industry services that may be used in conjunction with your Video production. Please visit our website for full details.