Virtual Event Video Production

We love events! They are what we do to bring people together. Corporate events are how companies bring together all the people that make their company successful to implement training, build relationships and celebrate achievements. Marketing events are how we bring future clients together with needed products and services. Seminars and Trainings are ways for people to connect and learn from each other.

But the way we bring people together is changing. With live events being canceled all over the world, we are met with the changing landscape of events. The digital age of events is beginning and gives us the power to continue to bring people together through video content. Virtual events are emerging as a way to continue to connect. Through virtual events we can continue to provide an atmosphere where you can capture and connect the attention of your attendees by creating dynamic, engaging videos of your keynote speakers, large group presentations and small breakout groups.

There are many platforms out there to host your virtual event, but the right content and delivery makes your event successful. Live presentations and videos add an engaging element and context while clearly portraying your content. They can be accessed on multiple devices and they have no shelf life, they can be saved to be referenced on demand in the future. Live streaming can give your event a dynamic, professional, in-person feel. K2 can guide you through the process of creating video content for your next virtual event.

K2 Produced this opening video for ECOLAB’s virtual event. The video focuses on safety and how important it is to the company and its people. Our editor used stock footage, motions graphics, voice over and music to tell the story in an engaging and relatable way for all of ECOLAB’s employees. It was well received and helped ease minds while also motivating everyone to move forward together.

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