Charlotte Commercial Video Production

K2 Productions always loves a comedy shoot, and this one proved to be full of fun and high energy! We created the entire concept — “Fresh, Family, Fun.” — with multiple sports-based scenarios like basketball, baseball, and soccer. In each scenario, we have different families visiting the same awful bar and leaving for the more family-friendly East Coast Wings & Grill. The first “Foul Fans” commercial spot was shot in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem with a football theme.

We worked with Corrigan and Johnston Casting and found a great family along with some really awesome ‘jerks.’ After setting the scene, we filmed 10-second takes, one after the other. So here was this family trying to enjoy a meal at a sports bar among a bunch of screaming fans behaving badly and shouting obscenities like, “Son of a biscuit!” — a comedic element that played out really well. The waitress paid the family no attention…they were really uncomfortable and having this totally awful experience. So they leave the sports bar and head to East Coast Wings & Grill where they can watch the game in comfort, enjoy good food and drink — all in a fun, family friendly environment.

We filmed this commercial spot with an Epic Red camera, which provided us with huge dynamic range and the ability to add and remove lighting in post-production. And we shot some really crisp slow-motion close-ups of the juicy burger sliding onto the bun, grilled chicken falling into a fresh salad, and, of course, the famous chicken wings being tossed in a bowl. Our K2 crew was highly pleased with the end result.

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