The Creator Movie Filmed on Sony FX3

We are geeking out over The Creator. The epic $80 Million dollar movie was filmed entirely on the Sony FX3!!! This is revolutionary for our industry, and the validation feels incredible since K2 Productions has gone all-in on the Sony Cinema Line FX Series. We utilize the FX3 on the majority of our productions, and we have been boasting about this little beast over the last few years.   

The Creator is a science fiction action thriller film directed by Gareth Edwards. The film stars John David Washington, Gemma Chan, and Allison Janney. The movie has gotten rave reviews, and it is truly a cinematic masterpiece. Some of the K2 Directors and DPs saw the movie together and were blown away! 

The technical highlight from a cinematography point of view of The Creator is that the film was shot on the Sony FX3. This is the first time a blockbuster was shot on a prosumer camera being aimed at an IMAX screen. The FX3 is an ‘Alpha on steroids, that is Netflix Approved, extremely durable, and reliable, and a viable option for Hollywood Blockbusters. We are so excited to see the FX3 being utilized on the big screen the same way we do on K2 Productions!