PSA Video Production

K2 Productions teamed up with The Pinckney Hugo Group’s talented creative team to produce this important PSA Video Production for “It’s Not Just” in New York State. The campaign highlights the unjust and dangerous menthol-flavored tobacco products heavily marketed in Black American communities in New York.

K2’s Director and Director of Photography began location scouting in our hometown of Greensboro, NC for possible filming locations. K2 was able to utilize Downtown Greensboro storefronts, parks, alleys, and sidewalks that mirrored the look of the targeted communities in New York State. Our Producers contacted all locations, applied for all necessary permits and set up a schedule for shoot days.

In addition to location scouting, K2 Producers casted local talent to play the roles of those primarily being targeted by Big Tobacco in this PSA.

Our talented Director led the K2 film crew on multiple shoot days, setting up the perfect shots to capture the importance of this campaign. The K2 team worked together flawlessly to efficiently and effectively capture the scenes to put together this critical message.

The campaign focuses on how Big Tobacco companies target, attract, and addict Black Americans. Tobacco companies aggressively market menthol products using elements of Black culture, putting more products on shelves in Black communities and making them cheaper. For Black Americans, it’s not just an injustice, it’s killing us.

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