Promotional Video Production Charlotte

K2 produced this invigorating promotional video for The Invigory Health Spa & Wellness Center. We captured amazing video and photos of all their innovative treatments. Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas, and Salt Room therapy are a few of the amazing chill & heal treatments they provide.

K2’s videos and photos are being used in The Invigory marketing campaign for TV, Social Media, and In Store Ads. We provided full production services including Creative, Pre Production, Producer, Director, Production, DP, Crew, Gear, Photography, and Post Production.

Check out The Invigory for info on all their amazing offers plus details on treatments below:

Whole body cryotherapy, also referred to as cold therapy or cold treatment, is a natural and safe therapy that helps to heal and invigorates the mind and body. WBC improves overall health by reducing pain, and inflammation.

Spot cryotherapy is a localized type of cryotherapy that’s ideal for individuals suffering from a physical ailment due to injury, surgery, or arthritis. Our trained wellness experts use a controlled beam of vaporized nitrogen to engulf the targeted spot, whether that’s a specific muscle or inflamed joint (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.). Treatment lasts for about 10 minutes and is ideal for anyone suffering from chronic or temporary pain, inflammation or swelling.

Step into our state-of-the-art Salt Room and instantly feel waves of relaxation wash over you. With Himalayan salt beneath your feet and all around, you’ll breathe in a rich, salty air. Chromotherapy lighting soothes and restores harmony within. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the salt in your lungs promotes better breathing, healthier skin, and reduced stress. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

Feel better, train harder and recover faster with The Invigory’s Compression Therapy. Our wellness experts will fit your legs, arms or hips with NormaTec™ inflatable attachments that rhythmically inflate and deflate with compressed air. This PULSE technology rapidly improves poor circulation, activates the lymphatic system, improves flexibility, and reduces tissue repair time — not unlike a deep tissue massage. For the athlete, this means less downtime and a competitive edge, no matter what your level of performance.

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