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K2 Productions, a North Carolina Production Company, was hired by 90-year-old traditional ice cream maker Front Porch to romance its hometown, southern-local ice cream shop flavors. Front Porch is a regionally celebrated treat, with ice cream still being dished out in its original creamery in downtown Mooresville, NC. But they are swiftly growing — currently marketed regionally and available on store shelves in 17 states — and looking to reach out on a national level in the coming years.

Front Porch always uses fresh cream, ripe fruit, and decadent goodies in its 20 flavors of southern-inspired homespun recipes like Country Fair Fried Apple Pie, Nana’s Banana Pudding, Sweetie Tea, Scarlett Red Velvet, and Praline Coastal Crunch.

Our production crew got really creative with this lower budget commercial to make not only the product but also the emotional connection jump right off the screen. We used existing and stock still-life footage from the Greensboro, Asheville, Charlotte, and Wilmington areas along with a voiceover chock-full of southern charm and goodness.

To achieve a more organic look, our production team created 3-D motion images from two-dimensional photographs using both Photoshop and After Effects. The trick, here, was to matte each layer and move it individually within the frame. Basically, this spot was mostly production work…playing with the images to achieve both motion and dimension.

That was it. No filming until the end, when we decided there was a missing element — people actually enjoying the ice cream. So at the last minute, we hustled K2 owner Kevin’s children along with some neighborhood kids off the school bus and onto the ‘back’ porch for an afternoon treat. This last-minute addition to the commercial dialed in the family and casual comfort aspects that Front Porch conveys. We filmed for an hour with a DSLR camera on a slide. It worked out beautifully, and our client loved the end result. And the ice cream was great, too!

K2 Productions provided the following services for this video:

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