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Express Yourself

K2 Productions - Hoboken Video Production Services

K2 Productions, a top Hoboken Video Production Agency, uses innovative thinking and imagination to bring your vision to life.  With 20 years of smart producing and exceptional video productionediting and photography in New Jersey for Television Production, Marketing VideosCorporate VideosSocial Media MarketingWebcast, and Event Production we deliver creative content that works for your unique brand, campaign, company or ad agency. K2 specializes in CommercialsFood Photography & VideographyStory AdsDocumentaries, and Explainer videos.

Create media that engages, informs and connects! Our leading Hoboken, New Jersey video production services include Creative, Producer, Director, DP, Video Crew, Studio Rentals, Aerial Drone Photography and VideographyAudio,  Motion Graphics, Animation, and much more.  Check out our five-star clients and reviews.

As a full-service Hoboken Video Production Agency, we are here to support with you at whatever stage of production you are in – from pre-production to post-production!  Contact K2 and collaborate today! 

“The Power of Video” 

Harness the power of video to inform, entertain, inspire & connect with your audience. Your brand, campaign, company or ad agency has a story to be told – rise above the rest!  

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Adults now spend nearly 6 hours per day watching video
  • 96% of online viewers watch videos
  • Consumers spent almost 92 minutes per day consuming digital video in 2021
  • Globally, video traffic was comprised of 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 2021
  • 75% of viewers purchase a product with a related video
  • 60% of website visitors watch video before reading text
  • Video will make up 79% of all mobile traffic by 2022
  • Visitors continue navigating your website for 2 more minutes after watching video content