Food Videography Wilmington, NC

K2 Productions is a master of food videography and photography, an extraordinarily strong marketing tool for the food industry. Visual food footage, highlighting the look and taste of your product, evoke strong emotional desires to seek out and enjoy your food and beverage products.

You can almost taste the delectably fresh products in the video commercial we created for a favorite client, The Fresh Market, a high-end specialty grocery chain, for their well-crafted marketing campaign featuring weekly fresh pizza specials.

In this “Fresh Pizza Weekly Special” campaign, K2Productions displays our mastery of food photography and videography on location in one of our food videography studios in Wilmington, North Carolina.  K2Productions’ directors and producers led our team of talented visual food artisans in this campaign.  Our food stylists, creative art directors, photographers, and lighting specialist worked at the direction of Director, Kevin Eller, and Director of Photography, Oliver Rouch, to provide exceptional lighting, style and food design to easily capture The Fresh Market’s beautiful, fresh food products.  K2 continued displaying our magic with the editing of our talented post production team to add finishing touches on these gorgeous commercials. Yum!

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