Corporate Video Post Production

K2 Productions has partnered with our friends over at Geo Owl, a company who specializes in multiple areas of intelligence analysis, on a new video for the roll out of their Patternflows software. K2’s skilled post production team utilized existing footage, stock footage, motion graphics and voiceover to safely create this informative video for Geo Owl, even during a pandemic.

With Patternflows, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance data is a digestible, shareable, integrated data source, filling large intelligence gaps and enhancing ISR for everyone. Patternflows was built by a team passionate about intelligence, so they built software specifically for intelligence users. They’ve eliminated laborious tasks and made collection and analysis easy, while reducing training times, creating broader awareness, and ultimately more informed decisions. Every detail of Patternflows was designed to empower ISR data users and elevate mission impact on the global stage.

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