Corporate Event Video Production Charlotte, NC

K2 Productions had a BALL filming the Player’s Tribune at the NBA All Star Weekend in Charlotte, NC. The stylish event, sponsored by Hennessey, started out with an elegant tasting then moved into a lively Podcast recording of the Knuckleheads and wrapped up with a fun gaming experience in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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Check out excerpts from the Players Tribune –

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles is full of Hall of Fame perspective, featuring a live panel discussion from NBA All-Star weekend The conversation begins with Allen Iverson and Kyle Lowry, who get right into stories from their college days, specifically touching on the rivalry between Villanova and Georgetown. Kyle also explains his decision to play at a school near home, while Allen talks about the promise that Hoyas coach John Thompson’s made to his mother. Allen also discusses his idolization of MJ, and explains an unexpected perk of being a Hall of Famer. The second half of the panel discussion features Gary Payton, who keeps it real — as usual. Gary discusses the origin of his legendary trash talking, divulges the name of the person who bestowed him with the nickname “the Glove,” and predicts that he will be the only point guard to ever be named the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year.