K2 Gear

K2 is equipped with a variety of innovative video gear that is essential to meet your project and budget needs. And we have access to additional professional equipment that is not listed in our premium collection if needed for your film or video production.

From brainpower to sophisticated software and video cameras to radio-controlled octocopters, there is no limit to the state-of-the-art equipment we can make available for your film production. We look forward to working together and achieving success on your project.

K2 will be happy to provide you with rates when creating a bid for your production.


Aerial Video & Photo

Tell your story from the sky with K2’s Aerial experts in helicopter and fixed-wing filming. Our outstanding network of pilots and camera operators provide decades of experience to capture spectacular footage. With access to the finest aircraft and equipment, we guarantee safe and superb productions.  When you need to elevate your aerial shots a step above our drones, the images that are captured with these aerial tools will expand our cinematic capabilities.


Drone Fleet

K2’s drone videography and photography services deliver dynamic aerial images that enhance any production. Our FAA certified drone pilots combine their extensive technical aerial expertise with their stunning creative vision to place the camera in unique positions to enhance your story. Utilizing the most advanced drones the industry has to offer, K2 is able to provide low-flying subject follow shots, high-flying landscape shots, and thrilling trick shots that take your story to a different level.

Gimbal Stabilizers

Seamless steady motion shots are among the most popular movements in all of storytelling as it allows the camera to follow any subject without the audience being distracted by the camera operator. K2productions has stayed on the cutting edge of this movement technique by taking advantage of the proven Ronin gimbal family. From large cinema cameras to small mirrorless cameras, we have gimbals that will help smoothly guide your audience from frame to frame.

easy rig


The Easyrig has become an essential industry standard tool that all cinematographer’s must have in their arsenal, that is why you will find it on almost all of K2’s shoots. This body vest support system utilizes a suspension line to support cinema cameras in order to give each shot a more controlled, natural handheld shake. For narrative, commercial, or documentary film work this tool allows our operators to place a heavy cinema camera in almost any environment.


Cinema Lenses

The key ingredient for sharp images and a cinematic look is a top-tier cinema lens, which is why K2productions utilizes a cinema camera package combined with a cinema lens on every shoot. Whether you are searching for a family of prime lenses, a unique zoom lens, or an anamorphic lens, K2 is prepared for any look you need. Our favorites include the Zeiss CP.3 Compact Primes, Angenieux Cinema Zoom, and Fujinon MK with Anamorphic adapter. All of these lenses have their own look and feel that will match your specific vision.

Sony FS7 Mark II Camera Package

Sony’s PXW-FS7 Mark II is K2’s favorite camera for a reason: it is reliable, battle tested, and of course, cinematically brilliant. This wonderfully versatile cinema camera can capture footage in either DCI (4096 x 2160), UHD (3840 x 2160) at up to 60 FPS or HD at up to 180 FPS while utilizing Sony’s incredible color science. The Sony FS7 Mark II makes for an incredible lead camera on any project, especially when paired with any of our high end cinema lenses.


Red Dragon

With the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, you can capture over 9x more pixels than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Industry leading specs distinguish the EPIC DRAGON as a model for image innovation, helming the evolution of digital cinema technology. The RED DRAGON sensor blurs the line between motion and still cameras, giving you the best of both worlds.


Arri Alexa Mini

Compact, lightweight, and self-contained – ARRI ALEXA Mini is the small and versatile all-rounder in the ARRI camera family. The symmetrical design permits filming in any orientation, including upside-down and in portrait mode, while multiple accessory points enable highly creative mounting solutions. In addition, ALEXA Mini comes with a series of interchangeable lens mount, allowing the use of B4 video, EF mount stills lenses, or with the even ARRI Signature Primes with the LPL mount for ALEXA Mini.


Canon EOS C300 Mark II

The Canon EOS C300 takes what professionals love about DSLR filmmaking – access to a vast selection of widely available lenses, a large sensor that facilitates a shallow depth of field, and portable operation with a modular, compact camera – and addresses its shortcomings. That means that unlike DSLR cameras, this Cinema EOS camcorder is designed inside and out for professional cinematographers capturing motion pictures that will stand up to rigorous post-production processes.

Dana Dolly

The Dana Dolly Portable Dolly System Rental Kit with universal track ends is a heavy duty camera dolly platform that rides on 16 custom modified soft polyurethane wheels that resist flat spotting and use ABEC-7 rated precision bearings providing you with extremely smooth dolly shots. The wheel trucks swivel, allowing the dolly to ride on available straight or curved track.


Fisher Dolly

The Fisher Dolly is quiet and easy to use, with a reputation for being well-made and low maintenance. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to meet the demanding needs of the entertainment industry, this stable, reliable Dolly offers operators a wide variety of accessories.


Lighting & Grip

K2 utilizes high quality production lighting from brands such as Aputure, Kino, Arri and more. The lighting and grip packages come with all accessories needed for production such as c-stands, light stands, sandbags, clamps, flags, diffusion and more. Our producers will work with you during preproduction to determine your project’s lighting needs.


Our Jibs and Cranes allow us to capture sweeping cinematic views for the money shot you need in your production.  They are useful for getting high shots, or shots which need to move a great distance horizontally or vertically, without the expense and safety issues of putting a camera operator on a crane for a crane shot or laying track for a camera dolly. We can even mount them to our dolly for shots in which the camera moves over obstacles when a normal dolly shot would be impossible. 

Audio Packages

K2 works with the best Audio Techs and Gear to provide pristine sound for all of our productions. Our audio packages include Mixer, Recorder, Switcher, Boom, shotgun mic, lavalier wireless microphones and portable digital audio recorders. During Pre Production we work with our clients and audio techs to determine the best audio package for your production.


K2 has multiple sizes of portable monitors available for your video production including SmallHD, Atomos, and more. These devices monitor videos for aesthetics and technical validity. To monitor the aesthetics, they help you examine the parameters of an image, such as the colors, framing, and focus. To monitor the technical merits, you have to look at an image’s data, which is usually interpreted by the monitors in waveforms, graphics, and other information.