Film and Video Post-Production Services


We strive for a constant state of engagement with cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide stylish and polished post-production video and film. K2’s film and video post-production services consist of Editing, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Voice-Over, Music & Sound Design, DVD Authoring, Web Conversion, Compression, and Posting.

When filming is complete, the editing begins! Our post-production team will design the final touches for a seamless completion of your film or video production. Whether you need animation, 3D graphics, music, narration or simple editing for fluid frame-to-frame transitions, K2’s expert team incorporates an advanced portfolio of post-production services to meet your needs.

K2’s post-production team is dedicated to the successful outcome of your video or film production. Call us today and discover how our expertise and focus can see your project to fruition.


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